• All decks are built with pressure-treated lumber.
  • All decks are built following the inspector approved building plans. 
  • All footings are dug according to your town's code specifications. 
  • All decks over 20 feet wide are built with a custom stile to eliminate butt seams in the decking and to create a beautiful seamless deck. 
  • All decks include one set of 36 inch wide stairs with concrete slab. 

Deck Specifications

6.    Composite Bottom Rail
7.    Composite Spindle
8.    5/4"x 6" Composite Decking Totally Encapsulated in PVC
9.    Composite Top Rail

Licensed & Insured

Material Description

Combined with our use of the highest quality materials, we are able to ensure exceptional workmanship that is highly durable and cost effective. We also include our clients in the decision making process for anything that may come up to guarantee that the project is completed according to their preferences.

To begin discussing the requirements of your home addition or home remodeling project with one of our friendly and knowledgeable professionals, contact us today. 

1.    1"x 8" PVC Risers
2.    2"x 12" Stringers Clad in PVC
3.    5/4 x 6" Composite Treads
4.    1" x 10" PVC Skirt Board
5.    4" x 4" Metal Post Anchor!

10.    4" x 4" Composite Posts

11.    6" x 6" Pressure Treated Posts
12.    12" x 42" Concrete Footings
13.    Triple 2" x 10" Girders
14.    2" x10" Joists 16" On Center

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Our Decks

We help design and build your deck, step by step

First, we meet with you and listen to your requirements for the deck. Then, we design the deck that best fits your needs and style (we have a photo collection that can be used to generate ideas for your deck.) Next, we draw a floor plan with all the dimensions and provide you with an estimate. Finally, we build the deck which usually takes only a few days to complete.